Start Skydiving

You can learn how to skydive on your own with our AFF (Accelerated Freefall) training course.
With AFF training it means that on your very first skydive which is from 11 000ft, you are free falling with an instructor by your side giving you ‘in-air’ training – so you’re improving your body’s position and learning from the get-go.

Levels 1-3

- 3 Skydives with 2 instructors (1 on either side of you).

- Free fall coaching – this involves your instructors reminding you of NB information with predetermined hand signals.

Levels 4-7

- 4 Skydives with 1 instructor.

- During these levels you will learn tracking and how to do turns and backloops.

- On level 6 you will be exiting the plane unlinked from your instructor.

Levels 8-10

- 3 Solo skydives.

- Your instructor will be in the aircraft but you will be exiting the aircraft on your own.

Bennie Verster
Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! You guys are really pro's. May your business boom in 2018!
Once again; a HUGE thank you for an amazing morning and jump. Truly appreciate all your efforts in making our experience so memorable.
Jacques Liebenberg
Just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for a wonderful day! Very Professional! Did not feel unsafe once ok maybe the plane ride ;) Special thanks to Blake and Mr G spoke to me kept me informed and Relaxed the entire time.
Kris Coetzee
Great bunch of guys! Did a fun jump with a couple of mates - man, what a view!
Shirin Muto
amazing and very professional team! thank you for this great experience!!