Your Skydive

Tandem skydiving is the easiest and safest way to experience your first skydive.
You will get to experience about 30 seconds of free fall and a 5-7 minute parachute flight whilst strapped to an experienced tandem instructor.

Booking your skydive

At Skydive Two Oceans we make it easy for you to book with our online, live inventory. We also have WhatsApp chat capability and our dedicated booking staff are available to answer any questions. Once you have booked and paid your deposit you will be communicated with if any logistics or weather changes happen. Remember to wear comfortable clothes and take into consideration that it is colder at 9000ft above the ground.

Arrival at the drop zone

If our dedicated transport is fetching you, we will communicate the pick-up time. If you are arriving in your own transport, please make sure you have enough time to get to us and fill in the required paperwork.

On arrival, we will show you around, get the paperwork and weighing done, plus offer you tea or coffee before getting you acquainted to what will happen leading up to your skydive. Remember that safety is first and therefore skydiving is weather and logistics dependent, so please allow enough time in your day for delays. We are blessed to be in such a beautiful area of the Cape and have many restaurants and attractions nearby should the delay be a long one.

Safety Briefing

One of our tandem instructors will give you a full briefing on what to expect, and what you’ll need to be aware of in free fall, under canopy and on landing. We want to make sure that all your questions are answered, so this is the time to clarify any thoughts or questions you may have. Our aim is that you enjoy every moment of your skydive. Please remember that we have limitations including weight and height and if you have any medical questions or concerns it is best to ask your doctor prior to arrival.


We pride ourselves on having world-class, up to date equipment that is best suited for the area we operate in.

Tandem skydiving involves the use of a main parachute and a specially packed reserve parachute should anything go awry with the main chute (very, very rare). We have a X point harness that you will wear and be attached to our tandem instructor with. You will also be given goggles (which can fit over spectacles) for the free fall. The beauty of a tandem skydive is that there is nothing you need to do – other than listen to your tandem instructor and enjoy the ride!

Airplane ride

You will board our Cessna 206 which has been specifically refurbished for skydiving including a roller door that allows for great views on the way up. The plane climbs Northwards and when you get to 9000ft you and your tandem instructor will move towards the door, then exit the aircraft at a specific point depending on the current conditions. The views across the winelands are beautiful and everyone comments on how incredible the plane ride is.

Free fall

Falling through the sky at speeds of up to 200km/h will be one of the most exhilarating things you will ever do in your life! Remember to smile all the way. Your tandem instructor will then deploy the parachute and you will slow down and start your gradual decent.


Now it’s time to listen to your tandem instructor, depending on the weather conditions you will either slide into a seated position, or your tandem instructor will land on their feet and then only ask you to stand. Either way, remember to keep your legs up so that you can land safely and softly!

Videos and pictures

Depending on the camera package you have chosen, you will either receive a HD video and pictures taken by your tandem instructor with a specially rigged camera, or if you have opted for the outside camera option then you will get an amazing video of your whole experienced filmed by one of our specially trained camera staff flying alongside you the whole way. These will be emailed to you on the same day as the jump and most of the time you will be able to watch them on site before you leave!

Bennie Verster
Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! You guys are really pro's. May your business boom in 2018!
Once again; a HUGE thank you for an amazing morning and jump. Truly appreciate all your efforts in making our experience so memorable.
Jacques Liebenberg
Just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for a wonderful day! Very Professional! Did not feel unsafe once ok maybe the plane ride ;) Special thanks to Blake and Mr G spoke to me kept me informed and Relaxed the entire time.
Kris Coetzee
Great bunch of guys! Did a fun jump with a couple of mates - man, what a view!
Shirin Muto
amazing and very professional team! thank you for this great experience!!